Gulachi poli

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Favourite maharastrian khamang Gulachi poli !!

For filling :
 Grated gul ( jaggery ) : 2 cups ( about 1 kg )
 roasted sesame seeds  : 1/2 cup
 Roasted besan :  1/2 cup
 Roasted dry coconut : 1/4 cup
 Roasted Khaskhas ( poppy seeds ) : 1/4 cup
 Desi ghee : 4 tbsp
  Elaichi/ jaiphal powder : 1 tsp

Recipe for gul:
1. Grate jaggery & keep aside.
2. Dry roast sesame seeds, coconut & poppy seeds seperately.
3. Dry roast besan adding some desi ghee.
4. Mean while grind roasted sesame seeds, coconut & poppy seeds with elaychi powder.
5.Add this mixture with besan  in the grated jaggery .
6. Knead this mixture till it becomes smooth & soft. Add ghee while kneading.

For outer cover:
 Ata : 3 cups
 Oil : 5 tsp
 Salt : 1 pinch
Water : 3/4 cup or as required
Mix all the ingredients & prepare a smooth dough like chapati dough.
Prepare 60 equal balls of lemon size. This measurement yields about 30-32 gul polis depending upon the size. You can prepare the size you like .
Take 2 balls, roll them in puri size & fill the gul stuffing in between 2 polis. Take same size of gul & roll in puri size & then fill in between puries. Pack nicely gul filling in between & then roll the poli in bigger size. Cut the sides with pizza cutter. Roast on non stick pan both sides. 

Enjoy this delicious gul poli with dollops of ghee. It is very convenient to carry these rotis while travelling. It lasts about 15 days.

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