Healthy Pav Bhaji

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All of us love Pav Bhaji!. Our Bhaji is always full of carbs as in go lots of potatos!  I tried a Pav Bhaji with different ingredients in which veggies & proteins are balanced with reduced amount of carbs. It turned out very tasty !!! Here's the recipe.

Ingredients :
Cauliflower cut into small florets  : 1  cup
Broccoli cut into small florets  : 1 cup 
Spinach chopped : 1/2 cup
4 tomatos chopped  or amounts to 1 cup
Chopped carrots :1/2 cup
Fresh or frozen green peas : 1/2 cup
Green pepper (simla mirch): 3/4 cup
2 big potatos boiled & mashed or 3/4 cup
Chopped onion : 1/2 cup
Black eyed beans  ( chowli ): 1/4 cup
Green whole Moong : 1/4 cup
Whole Lentil (Masoor ) : 1/4 cup
Small boiled & grated beat root piece
Garlic paste : 3 Tea spoon
Ginger paste : 2 Tea spoon
Pav bhaji masala : 4 tb spoons or as required
Red chili powder : 1 tb spoon or as required 
Salt : 2-3  Tea spoon or as required
Vegetable Oil : 2 Tb spoons
Butter : 1 Tb spoon
Finely chopped  coriander and onion, Cheese (optional) , Lemon slices
Grated carrot, Red & Yellow pepper for decoration. 

Recipe :
1. Mix Black eyed beans, Whole moong & Lentils & soak for 2-3 hours. You can directly pressure cook these by adding 2 cups of water. After cooling grind in mixer or food processor to a coarse paste.

2. Cut cauliflower, broccoli , carrot in cubes.  Pressure cook them separately. Mash them or grind in mixer or hand blender.

3. Boil green peas & spinach to soft.

3. Cut green pepper, onoin & tomato into small pieces.

4. Heat 2 tb spoon of oil .

5. Add garlic & ginger paste . Saute for some time and add chopped onion, tomato & green pepper.  Mix well & cook till it becomes soft.

6. Add pav bhaji masala & red chili powder & mix well.

7. Add ground lentils , cauliflower, broccoli, smashed potatoes, green peas, spinach & mix well.  Add 1/2 cup of water.  Cook for 10 mins.

8. Add 1 tb spoon of butter. Smells delicious!

9. Turn off the flame .

10. Sprinkle  delicious pav bhaji  with chopped coriander and chopped onion(optional).  Serve with cheese and lemon slices on the side.  Don't forget the butter roasted  pav.

Enjoy this healthy & yummy pav bhaji as much as you want without guilt !!!