Churmura Laddu

3:54 AM
A very simple & easy recipe ideal for anytime snacking  as it is very light !!!

Ingredients :

Churmure or kolhapuri bhadang : 6 cups
Chikki jaggery ( Chikki gul ) : 3/4 cup
If chikki gul is not available the usual gul available in the market can be used.
Desi ghee :  1 tsp
Elaichi powder : 1/2 tsp


1. Cut jaggery in to small pieces.
2. Transfer to heavy bottom vessel or kadhai.
3. Switch on the gas on medium flame. Add desi ghee .
4. Stir continuously. Jaggery will melt. Add elaychi powder
5. It will start boiling. Turn the flame low & immediately add churmura in liguid jaggery.
6.  Mix properly & turn off the flame.
7. Immediately roll the laddus when mixture is hot.

Enjoy this delicious &very light snack which is always favorite to everybody. 

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