Sanja ( Suji halwa with jaggery ) poli

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Easy & quick way to prepare sanja poli !! 
This recipe never goes wrong if you follow exact measurements  !!

Sanja with jiggery

For Sanja ( Suji halwa with jaggery )
 Fine suji : 1 cup
 Jaggery : 2 cups
 Water : 2 cups
 Desi ghee : 4 tsp
  Elaichi/ jaiphal powder : 1 tsp
  Roasted poppy seeds : 1 tsp ( optional )

Recipe for Sanja:
1. In a heavy bottom pan add water. Turn on the gas on high flame.
2. Add jaggery in the water when water starts boiling.
3. Stir the mixture till all the jaggery melts. Add desi ghee & elaychi or jayphal powder.
4. Mean while roast the suji for 5 minutes. Roasting till suji turns brown is not required.
5. Add suji in the jaggery & water mixture. Mix properly. Cover the pan & keep on low flame till sanja becomes dry. Turn off the flame.
6. Let it cool.

For outer cover:
 Ata : 1 cup
 Oil : 5 tsp
 Salt : 1 pinch
Water : 3/4 cup or as required
Mix all the ingredients & prepare a smooth dough like chapati dough. Only more oil is required for this dough for soft sanja roties.
Take a small ball of ata & same amount of sanja & stuff it by preparing a cup of ata or simply roll ata ball in puri size & stuff sanja in it. Now roll the roti or poli as much as you can. Roast on non stick griddle till it becomes golden brown.  Sanja poli is very easy to roll. You can prepare 15 rotis out of it in just 1/2 an hour.

Enjoy this delicious Sanja poli with ghee or milk. It is very convenient to carry these rotis while travelling. It lasts about 4-5 days.

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Can roasted sooji be used instead of fine sooji ?